Stone Crushers Software


Rushda Stone Crusher Management Software makes your business secured.We have provided a secured system to run your business.In RSCMS we have provided Software users system. And every  users is protected by individual password.One user have all sort of power  in this software, he is the owner of the Business.The super power user is able to add another  users and give them some sort of permissions. Like only to view the data or Add the data into the software. Or Edit/delete Permission into the software.We have also provided a way to see which user is giving entry into the software.

The main features of the software are:

The modules of software are highly integrated. All the modules are easy to use. The software supports user defined password scheme, allowing each organization to customize the security features to its own needs. All the reports generated by the system could be viewed at user’s convenience.

The modules are as follows:

  1.  Purchase Unloading Entry
  2.  Purchase Entry
  3.  Sale loading Entry
  4.  Sale Entry
  5.  Bill Prepare
  6.  Payment To Party
  7.  Payment To Vehicle
  8.  Diesel Voucher
  9.  Receipt Voucher
  10.  Reports

Purchase Register
Sale Register
Sale Transport Register
Party Ledger
Vehicle Ledger
Bill Report
Cash Register
Diesel Register


  1.  Requirement Voucher
  2.  Spare Part Voucher
  3.  Spare Part Issue
  4.  Spare Part Return
  5.  Motor Out
  6.  Motor In
  7.  Reports